Germany/Czech Republic Tour, June 2015


Bay Youth Symphony and Concert Orchestra members are invited to go on an exciting tour to Germany and the Czech Republic in June 2015.  This is a performance tour and students will be asked to attend extra rehearsals to prepare to perform in Berlin, Dresden and Prague!

Those students who are planning to audition for BYCO or BYSO in May will get a chance to join us on this tour. Members of String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Jr. Strings may attend as nonperforming members.

When registering, we believe that it is a necessity to apply for trip insurance right away.  Anything can happen and we don’t want you to lose out on the money you put toward the trip.

Parents can come along as chaperones for the same cost as the students.  It will be expected that chaperones will participate in all activities of the tour group (except actually performing on stage).  We would like to keep this tour focused on the performing ensemble and the musical growth of the group.

At this point, these are the BYOV staff and board members going on the trip: Helen Martell, Aaron Hardwick, Chris Morton and Susan Newman

To find out more about our tour opportunity, please visit:

and enter our trip ID number:


To register, you may want to have the registration guide handy.

For questions, please email Susan Newman, tour coordinator:

[email protected]

Tour FUNDRAISING Opportunities:


Forrest Logo 2The Forrest Gallery

$99 donation = a Photography Certificate from the Forrest Gallery (located on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach)

Certificates entitle you to a $250 portrait session and a $250 portrait credit!

Contact Susan Newman for more information, [email protected]