Touring with BYOV

Every three years, Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia plans a tour overseas. Members of the Concert & Symphony Orchestras are invited to participate in musical performances around the world and all of our families are invited to join us in an unforgettable travel experience. In June 2018, BYOV will travel to the beautiful Emerald Isle and visit Dublin, Galway, Killarney, the Ring of Kerry, and many of Irelands iconic landmarks and natural treasures.

BYOV 2015 Tour Orchestra Reflections: Performances in Germany, Czech Republic and Chrysler Hall

By Helen Martell, Music Director

The BYOV Concert and Symphony Orchestra Germany and Czech Republic tour was very memorable musically, culturally and socially. Here are a few things that a music director would remember about the experience.

  • Singing on the bus improved our performances. I am not sure the bus driver or our parents appreciated the monotone or off key singing, but our musicians gained so much from our bus rehearsals before each concert.
  • Hearing our students introduce each piece at the concerts and then hearing the translation in German and Czech created an international connection between our student musicians and the audience. The generous, appreciative audiences wanted more after we finished our last piece.
  • Everywhere we went, there were opportunities to hear cultural music on the street. It was amazing to see Daniel Barenboim conduct an outdoor concert with the largest, quietest, and most respectful audience in Berlin. For my BYSO musicians, it was thrilling to hear the Wagner Meistersinger Overture performed by the Prague Symphony.
  • The tour was an incredible experience to get to know our BYOV musicians, parents and board members better. All tour members were so supportive, flexible and happy throughout even when glasses were dropped in the Moldau and passports lost.
  • The reunion performance for an appreciative audience at Chrysler Hall in September reminded me of how wonderful it was to work with the tour orchestra.

BYOV Tour Orchestra Member Reflections

“It was a special opportunity to step into an entirely different culture but still be able to communicate with the people in a powerful and meaningful way, through music. We walked into the concert as strangers and came out having shared a musical experience together! Sometimes classical music feels foreign in this American culture, but playing, hearing, and seeing it celebrated in its homeland was inspiring. Now when I pick up my violin, my understanding and appreciation of the music is fuller, having walked in the steps of some of the greatest composers.” - Grace Liu, violin

“Traveling with not only just group, but a big family, was an experience I will never forget! I enjoyed performing and exploring the other side of the world with my closest friends.” - Patricia Morrison, cello